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NFT Holders & Gamers using each other's strength
to reign over a new game: Welcome to Open Warfare!

Come as you are, onboard with your own NFTs, no need to buy one to enjoy the game!

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This is ... 2331!

We had to leave, then we came back.

Climate change made Earth completely uninhabitable.

Humans had to leave Earth with a spacecraft. They wondered and explored space in hopes of finding a new home. All they found was dust and ashes.

After 300 years, humans are back to earth.

Join forces with your community to tackle mankind biggest mission: to protect and hand on the planet for future generations. Getting to grips with it is the defining task of our times.
Modelling our future forever and after.

To change the outcome, you have to change the behaviour...

Rebuild the world by making the right choices :
Switch from Polluting Energies to Renewable Energies and increase your resilience, abilities and your power within the game when you invest in decarbonization projects.

Discover rehashed lands and cities on this new world to build your empire

You will gather with peers to accomplish missions and battles to make your group on top and save the world. Experience continuous new and exciting adventures as more communities and players embark on the challenge.

Players gather resources, create factories, win tournaments to earn more

You will have to fight between faction and level up characters all while trying not to be stolen their hard acquired kudos. You can protect yourself if you are faster than your opponent. 

In-game Features

We take what's working in AAA, adapt it to the Web 3 and provide a unique, addictively fun and solid game


A sexy lore, game play and hardcore gamers are exited by in-game spending (ie skins).


A space-based, persistent world massively multiplayer online role-playing game.


The best game of resource gathering
and space exploration up to date.


Multiple ways to earn as a player
without being stuck in a repetitive gameplay.


Event that modifies the world of the game, experienced by the player in live. Onboarding of IRL VIP such as Travis Scott & Adriana Grande did in Fortnite.


We aim to educate and nudge IRL.
A real in-game economy, a direct influence on climate change,
a source of inspiration for us, all of us.


Virtual land deeds for the game world.
It’s like the BAYC Metaverse.
You can multiply usage thanks to interoperability.


You will have to decide if you want to keep you NFTs for the future or trade them to make some incomes.


Our game is different because the supply of tokens is directly linked with the time spent by players. No pump and dump anymore.

Fair tokenomics bring trust

A Play-2-Earn driven team has decided to reward you for your time playing the game.

Majority stake for the community
Decentralized organization
Easy onboarding into web 3

How it works


Download our DApp

We will be available on Browser, Android & iOS


Connect your Wallet

We support most used wallets, but you can also create one.


Fight & Win for your Faction

You will be rewarded for your in-game actions and strategies.

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Powered byindustry leaders

We are using Solana Blockchain for its low transaction costs and easy to use approach. Our gameplay is powered by Unreal Engine 5. Like the best games in town.

Fast transaction & rendering
Low gas fees and environmental impact
Faster & better app development

Meet our team and advisors

We are citizen of the world with a common goal:
make you live a remarkable experience.

Sacha Waedemon

Head of NFTs
He is collector and entrepreneur since his early days. As a real estate promotor he knows what's valued IRL.

Max Ziliani

Head of Gaming
 He was the Junior European Winner of HALO and now he is working at Xbox on the newest games on the market.

Arthur Salkin

Head of Tokenomics
He worked for ING and international companies. He organized a marathon of 50K runners in 2018.

Jeff Pignone

Head of Community
He managed 100.000 people on Discord and level up the decentralization.

Hanin Fakhriddin

Head of Marketing
 She is the senior every gaming team needs. After 17 years in mobile gaming with the biggest player on the market she brings her skill into a Web 3 studio.

Max de Vos

Head of Live Events
He is organising the biggest events of FPS in central Europe. He is also evolve in the TeleVie, the biggest fundraising campaign against cancer in Belgium.

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